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How many keep branded powerbanks for 2+ years?

How many views do branded bags get in their lifetime?

Team IP Products of the Month

coffee travel mug
popcorn and chocolate boxes
promo holder

JP’s Pick

This tumbler has a detachable bluetooth speaker, is waterproof, floats, and has an LED light that blinks to the beat!  You can play your favorite music or make a “business call” from the pool.  It comes in 12 colors and has 8 hours of play time per charge!  Only $32.50 engraved!

Dawn’s Pick

Take movie night at home to a new level! Whether a fun gift for your employees or a simple thank you, this kit includes a gift box, grub tub, popcorn, chex mix, cashews, and delicious seasonings.  Priced as low as $50.99!

Theresa’s Pick

Combining nostalgia with technology!  Check out the AWESOME mixtape wireless bluetooth speaker.  Both the cassette and the case insert can be full color decorated.  Great for gifts, giveaways, and any outside the box tech swag ideas!  Priced as low as $12.99



of consumers own promotional t-shirts

impressions generated by promotional headwear throughout their lifetime.

average number of months promotional outerwear is kept


71% of GenX’ers will do business with the advertiser who gave them promotional drinkware.


40% of consumers keep promotional products for two years or longer.


80% who received a promo product form a company will seek more information about the company.

Housewares and Gifts

The average household in the U.S. owns 30 promo products.

Awards and Recognition

87% of senior managers say their recognition programs have proven to be effective.

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