Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Blaine Isbell

Vice President –
Blaine is passionate about the Promotional Products industry as a whole, but even more passionate about continuing to put Team IP Corporate at the forefront of the industry.
Blaine’s favorite phrases – “Every time we help one partner the Team IP way, 5 new relationships will follow” and “Remember, we don’t just have clients, we have partners.
Getting Personal – Blaine loves golf, fishing, college sports, and the light of his life is his 20 year old daughter Carly!

Theresa Gomez

Corporate Production Director –
Theresa is both BASI and MASI certified. Theresa is an expert in the promotional industry and can somehow find products nobody else can find! Theresa’s experience is invaluable.
Theresa’s favorite phrases – “I’m just sayin.”
Getting Personal – Theresa just became a proud first time grandmother!

Dawn Weinkrantz

Corporate Production Coordinator –
Dawn is both BASI and MASI certified. Dawn is the glue that holds the office together and always brings positivity to everything she does. Dawn’s clients LOVE HER!
Dawn’s favorite phrases – “Everything is figureouttable!”
Getting Personal – Dawn is happily married for 8 years and LOVES hippos!

Jonathan Prevatte

Digital and Corporate Production Coordinator –
Jonathan is both BASI and MASI certified. Jonathan will help anyone and everyone with whatever they need. Jonathan builds all our digital and ecommerce stores and does all onboarding and training for our Action Face program.
Jonathan’s favorite phrases – “Wow!” and “Question for ya.”
Getting Personal – His nickname is JP (given by Blaine), he loves Star Wars and cruises, and is happily married for 10 years and has a beautiful 8 year old daughter who always brings Blaine gummy bears!

Chris Green

National Sales Executive –
Chris has been an independent salesman for several years following a long and continuing career as a music educator, conductor, and composer.
Chris’s favorite phrases – “Got it.”
Getting Personal – Chris loves turtles, his jeep, horror movies, Broadway, and has sung opera!

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